A Realisation Coach
With a Holistic and Intuitive Approach

Have your ever seen yourself in a job or starting your own business that seemed too good to be true? Therefore you brushed it off thinking life doesn’t work that way. What if I told you it could. I create the space to help you connect with your wishful thinking in terms of your dream job and then work with you to realise it into fruition. I help you get clear, get going, and shift!

In the simplest of terms I help people realise their dreams, which I believe are the true callings of the soul. Yes this is very woo woo, but fuck it! I am drinking that Kool-Aid because after a year of soul-searching (recovering from career and life burnout) and spending copious amounts of time by myself following the belief that all the answers are inside me, I have come to learn a few things:

* If there are things that interest that are not socially accepted in the world of “science” and they resonate with you and remind you that you are awesome/employable > lean the FUCK in! Disclaimer: If you attend any of my workshops or follow me on Instagram or have a conversation with me, you’ll quickly discover I am BIG promoter of the ones that helped me. By all means do your own exploration and see what sticks!

* Everyone thinks they are meditating wrong. You aren’t you just don’t realise that your so-called “distracting thoughts” are actually your road map to getting the things you want.

* The people that trigger you on Instagram are the vision holders of the life you secretly want. There is a reason they trigger you > keep them close, become aware of what emotions come up for you every time you react and write them down. P.S. No pen and paper is not a valid excuse when we all know about Notes.

* Spiritual practices are real and they set you up for success! Whether it is waking up one hour earlier than your norm, or always showering before bed, these rituals are important and the sooner you find yours and treat it like an appointment that can’t be missed you will create a pattern for manifestation.

* Manifestation is also real and everyone can do it! I am not a manifestation advisor but rather someone who has overcome burnout and learnt how to overcome procrastination. Second wise quote that got me here “Procrastination is not the fear of failure but the fear of success!” And the sooner we realise our sabotaging patterns and raise our self-worth the sooner we make decisions that put us on the path to our dream life!

* Everyone is banging on about self-worth but no one tells you how to get it! I can because it took me nine months of loneliness and endless self-help information digesting.

* Intuitive movement, eating, and sleeping are game changers and once you make the decision to constantly check-in for all of your practices (ie. yoga, meditation, running, strength training, and eating habits) you become light years more effective!

Intuition is real. Get curious and your life will unfold in ways you never thought possible . . .


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