It’s Time to Realise Your Dream Job

Programs Designed to Help You Get Clear,
Get Branded and Start Living It!

With design thinking and creative strategy in my back pocket, we work together to first understand where you want to pivot. Then we construct the how and ultimately communicate the why. Why you? Why your idea? And why the world needs it!

I offer three programs to meet you where you’re at with getting your feet off the ground and into the world of (im)possibility. Some may just want to get their toes wet while others are ready to take the plunge. Find the program that works for you and drop me a line with your big idea! Let’s get brainstorming . . .

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phase 1: make space
(4 sessions)

What You’ll Get:
Me holding space for you as we unpack what your heart secretly desires in the form of your dream career.

I will provide you with a blueprint to call forward your suppressed daydreams, give you practices that put you into alignment, and a map to help you start your transition.

Who’s It For:
Those wanting clarity on their unique skillset

If you’ve been stuck in a job where you are used to getting your value from a skillset that no is longer serving you

Those struggling to see how and when you will transition out of your current job

You feel of anxiety, stress, and/or possibly showing signs of burnout

Are looking to find passion and meaning in your career and personal life.

Special Focus on: Identifying Your Unique Skillset

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phase 2: get clear! Get going!
(10 sessions)

What You’ll Get:
Not only will you have made space but with eight sessions you will also receive a full visual expression of your brand and business idea.

This includes the basic digital assets a brand needs to begin. Assets such as a logo, website, and brand guidelines can be provided but are dependent on the need of the business.

Who’s It For:
Those who not only want to get clear but also want to see it into fruition

If you want to turn your side hustle or idea into a business

You have big bold ideas but aren’t entirely sure where to start

Have started to ask yourself if you can actually get paid to do what you love.

Special Focus on: Branding a Business


phase 3: Living Your Dream Job
(20 sessions)

What You’ll Get:
You’ll Make Space, Get Going, and be Living Your Dream Job!

This is for serious entrepreneurs who not only want to visualise their business with branding and website, but also want a concrete strategy on how-to launch and who with.

With a love of creative collaboration this package will land you with a network partnerships you never dreamed of, and a full fledged business.

Who’s It For:
Those who are committed to pivoting

There is no other option and no better time to transition, now!

If you have bulletproof confidence in your next endeavour and are ready to go all-in!

You fully believe you can get paid to do what you love.

Special Focus on: Building a Business