Ideas Are King!!!

I Gotta a Thing for Think Tanks and
Creative Problem Solving

I work with everyone from small business owners to global corporations looking to solve a problem or reach a new audience. Whether you want to grow your business, iron out your operations, or up your social media presence, I can help.

My brain is a hive of ever buzzing ideas, that generates possibilities through insight and instinct. I have a specialty of capitalising on emerging trends and creating show stoppers in the form of unthinkable partnerships and/disruptive graphics. Using my professional background, I apply my design thinking approach to understand the marketplace, clarify your positioning, and rework your visual communication to make sure all touch points are cohesive and effective.

Book Cover Design

Designed more than 200 covers, with a specialty of designing covers for debut authors.

This nicely carved out niche allowed me to fine tune my approach of helping creative thinkers visually communicate their intention and personality.

My Portfolio
Tags: Book Covers, Illustration, Graphic Design, Art Direction

D&AD Pencil awards >>> i got
two of ‘em!

D&AD Awards celebrate the best in design, digital and advertising in commercial creativity. During my four year career at Macmillan I was recognised with two of them.

A Manual for Cleaning Women was my first cover to win the award and it was recognised by the organisation with a Wood Pencil in 2016.

Two years later I received a Graphite Pencil for Conception, Art Airection and the Design for Pan Macmillan’s 70th Anniversary Collection known as The Pan70s.

Honours & Awards
Tags: Art Direction, D&AD, Cover Design, Swiss-Design



I spent a kayaking season with Do The North (a Swedish wild-camping and kayaking company) where I was contracted to generate new streams of revenue, cultivate an online community and explore potential partnerships with affiliates.

My work included the creation of two additional trips: one for Solo Travellers and another for Foodies in the form of Foraging Culinary Adventure.

Professional Collaboration
& Growth Optimisation

Tags: Business Development, Branding, Ideation, Social Media, Operations