Now in order for this work, you need to be real with me

I can’t help you build your dream job if I don’t understand your needs. Here is your opportunity to communicate what your current situation is and what you need in your next career.

After several years of using design thinking to extract the mystified nugget trapped inside the brilliant minds of others, I now consider myself a specialist at taking the thing stuck between your ears and putting it in front of your eyes.

I am a big believer in that we are all the creators of our own lives, and although I am going to help you create your dream job with you, I will not be the creator of it, you will be! By sharing my skills, network, and insight, I will give you the tools to help you realise it for yourself. In this sense, you will have complete ownership, clarity and confidence in the business that we will realise and you will create.

I’m fucking stoked!!! I hope you are too!

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