The Lessons I’ve Learnt and the
Skills I can Share

Workshops to Facilitate Open Communication with Yourself, your Business and your Audience

I live to see a world where we can have honest conversations about our jobs and our relationships with those jobs. More and more I realise there is a confusion for Millennials around what a job is supposed to be. Having watched our parents work the same job or maybe (if they were unlucky) a handful of jobs in their lifetimes, and then following influencers on instagram who are digital nomads living the multi-hypen career, we can’t help but wonder, is this it? We know there is more, but we have no idea how to get it or what we are even passionate about.

All of the workshops I offer explore this relationship and the ever-growing curiosity of what if . . . They’ll push you to dig deeper, meditate regularly and teach you tap into your inner desires.


navigating burnout

Burnout is real and whether you’d like to admit it or not! It is happening, all around us. Whether you have a high pressure corporate job or a leisurely gig that you should be grateful for but aren’t, the pressures in today’s working world are creating stress.

As a recovered burnout, I share my back story, the ways stress manifested itself in my body, and the steps I needed to take in order to rebuild my confidence and self-worth.

This workshop is for anyone questioning whether they are in the right job, have a colleague who triggers them, or is curious about what they are really passionate about.

Special Focus on: Mental Wellbeing
Looks At: Meditation, Positive Psychology, Unblocking limitations, Stress Management


Introduction to energetic systems and how they can help you pivot

Whether you have heard the term “shifting” or are interested in how self-awareness can help you make better decisions when it comes to how you should move, how to get into alignment, or even what your skills you should include on your resume – Ayurveda, Human Design and Astrology give you self-worth boost everybody needs!

Please note: This workshop does not offer chart readings or prescriptive lifestyle plans, but rather a general overview of the energetic systems that helped me pivot and I believe they can help you too!

Astrology (and your corresponding zodiac sign) will tell you what your unique skillset it and what to expect from when things aren’t going your way.

Human Design reiterates your purpose and better helps you understanding how you best relate to others. Additionally it can equip with the confidence to ask for you what you need from others both professionally and personally.

Ayurveda is the ancient health system that modern medicine is built from. Ayurveda will equip you to make the best decisions when it comes to eating, moving and sleeping to compliment your current energy levels.

Special Focus on: Mind, Body Spirit
Looks at: Energy, Ayurveda, Human Design, Astrology, Fitness, Sleep, Nutrition


How to Brand Your Side Hustle
(And Make it Real!)

As a a multiple award winning designer I take you through the creative process that designers and creatives alike, use when exploring how to position an emerging brand.

Together we’ll explore how to simplify your idea into a simple message, evaluate the current market, identify areas of opportunity, and begin seeing how your side hustle or business idea can be communicate visually. I am talking about a logo, packaging, and/or a website.

By the end of the workshop you’ll have a clear idea how to moodboard any business idea and be well on your way to branding it!

Special Focus on: Entrepreneurial Endeavours
Looks at: Branding, Ideation, Design, Market Analysis.